Saturday, December 20, 2008

Final Fantasy IX Model Converter Part 3

I was trying to implement a 3D Preview window in my converter with the help of the Direct X 9.0c SDK, but looks like the SDK won't install on pre Windows XP systems and does not work with Visual Studio 6. So I got myself a copy of the DirectX 8.1 SDK and it seems to work. The last time I coded with DirectX was when DirectX 6 was the newest. I hope not so many stuff was changed (already read that DirectDraw isn't available anymore like in DX6&7)

The little program needs some comfort because it doesn't work correctly up until now T.T

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Final Fantasy IX Model Converter Part 2

Here comes the PAIN!!!
The modelconverter reads poly and UV data perfectly now.
what still needs to be done is bone and animation support.
Here a Zidan for you:D
Still messed up because there are no bones loaded for him :D

Final Fantasy IX Model Converter [UPDATE]

I did some progress on my model stuff for FF9.
But it looks like some Polys (well .. all) are not loading correctly. See for yourselves.

The Vertices are loading correctly but the rest just don't. As you can see, some work is still needed. (Captured picture of Vivi provided by Chamoo232)


For those who are still puzzling about how Chamoo232 made her Vivi papercraft. She played FF9 in ePSXe and took some screenshots. Then she just "remodeled" the Vivi using those screenshots as reference material.