Saturday, December 20, 2008

Final Fantasy IX Model Converter Part 3

I was trying to implement a 3D Preview window in my converter with the help of the Direct X 9.0c SDK, but looks like the SDK won't install on pre Windows XP systems and does not work with Visual Studio 6. So I got myself a copy of the DirectX 8.1 SDK and it seems to work. The last time I coded with DirectX was when DirectX 6 was the newest. I hope not so many stuff was changed (already read that DirectDraw isn't available anymore like in DX6&7)

The little program needs some comfort because it doesn't work correctly up until now T.T

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Final Fantasy IX Model Converter Part 2

Here comes the PAIN!!!
The modelconverter reads poly and UV data perfectly now.
what still needs to be done is bone and animation support.
Here a Zidan for you:D
Still messed up because there are no bones loaded for him :D

Final Fantasy IX Model Converter [UPDATE]

I did some progress on my model stuff for FF9.
But it looks like some Polys (well .. all) are not loading correctly. See for yourselves.

The Vertices are loading correctly but the rest just don't. As you can see, some work is still needed. (Captured picture of Vivi provided by Chamoo232)


For those who are still puzzling about how Chamoo232 made her Vivi papercraft. She played FF9 in ePSXe and took some screenshots. Then she just "remodeled" the Vivi using those screenshots as reference material.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Zone of the Enders: Jehuty Part II

Guess what?
I managed to finish Jehutys texturzz!
What does that mean for you? You'll soon be able to build a never be seen before papercraft.
I ordered a new printer today and I will testbuild this little beauty when my printer arrives.
Dezember will be a good month for PAPERCRAFT! :D

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Zone of the Enders: Jehuty

Wow! A second blogupdate in that short time! UNBELIEVEABLE!
So, what is the meaning of this?!?!
Someone from the Interbutt asked me:"Hey papercraftdude, when will Jehuty be done?"
Well, I finished the 3D model today, but it still need textures, which I have to draw.

Hope he does not charge his LAZORRRR...

Macross M3 VF-14 "Vampire"

Good news for fans of Macross M3!
I finished the 3D model of the VF-14 "Vampire" and the craft is going into development soon.
It will be released together with the VF-17 and the fixed VF-9. And now some pictures to make your mouth wet. :D

As you can see the VF-14 will be available in the typical white sheme and as Max or Milia version. This thing wasn't easy to do. I had to draw my own 3-Point-View of this thing and there was not many visual information on the internet. Stay tuned :D

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Old stuff in dusty spaces

Lol, I found this one in a dusty folder on my HDD :D

This is Lo Wang from the infamous ego-shooter Shadow Warrior. As you can see, the model is QUALITY work and was created in my early days of 3D modelling. Funny shit :D

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

VF-4 High poly count

YO! I found this little baby in a dusty space on my HDD.

I did this one years ago to get a feeling of how the VF-4 looks and for testing purposes in a physics-calculation-tool (to see what parts need to be hardened when I'm going to build this thing 1/12 RC ). If I'm in a good enought mood I will use this to make an even better papercraft of the VF-4.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Macross M3 VF-9 Cutlass revised version

Ya, what did that crazy dude do there? Bad news for everyone that already has build the Macross M3 VF-9 Cutlass, good news for those who didn't. Well, I managed to get a copy of Kawamoris Macross Design Artbook. When I looked at the pictures of the VF-9 I decided to "fix" that plane because I made some mistakes. For the first version I released years ago on 4chan, I was drawing a 3 view picture of the VF-9 from other pictures I found on the web. But now I got my hands on a nice sheme from kawamori and was able to fix the VF-9. Look for yourselves.

The jetintakes got shortened and the exhaust refitted. The wings got a little smaller and have a new angle from the mainbody. The cockpit is bigger now and the vertical stabilizers were adjusted. The mainbody got thinner and thus more smoother and rounder. I repainted the texture with the same technique that was already used for the VF-17D.

This one still needs unfolding development, but I managed to keep the polycount nearly the same and was able to get rid of some "tricky" parts from the original VF-9. Stay tuned. I thought about retexturing all my old Macross papercrafts to make them look better, but I dunno if I do it or not.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Macross VF-17D Testbuild

Well, I just finished the testbuild of my VF-17D and it was easy to build (only took me 6 hours). I'll release it soon, when the instructions are done in 2 years :D

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


I'm planning on redesigning my website. The Projects tab is going to be deleted and replaced by this blog. And I will design a new structure for the different categories. But I don't have much sparetime left, so this going to take several weeks. I just wanted to warn you. :D

no pictures today :(

Saturday, November 1, 2008

VF-17D "TEAL" Version

I texturized the "WIP" VF-17D.
This time I tried a new method for painting this texture. I managed to paint this one like I would paint a plastic injection kit (with an airbrush, preshading, washing, sealing etc.) to give it a cooler look. Now it only needs development for the papercrafttemplate.

releasedate:"WHEN IT'S DONE!"

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Other Projects


I'm working on stuff for future projects.
Lineart for the Hildegarde 3 of Final Fantasy IX (not finished)

Lineart for Altos VF-25F Messiah from Macross Frontier (needs some tweaking)
I'm working on several projects at once just to keep me from canceling the things I promised to do. The only problem is that most projects will take some time before thier release.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


The long unsolved question "what is under Selphies skirt?" has now been answered!
As you can see, pratically nothing spectacular. :D

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Papercraft and nice little tools

Currently I'm working on several projects at once. Let me introduce them to you.


Zone of the Enders: The 2nd Runner - Jehuty

This papercraft still needs some 3D modelling, UVW maps and textures.

Macross 7 - VF-17D "Teal"

3D modelling for this one is done. I just need to do the UVW mapping and the textures.

Macross M3 - VF-14 Vampire

This one still needs some tweaking and 3D modelling before it comes to UVW mapping and texturing.

Macross VF-X II - VA-3 Invader

3D modelling is finished, only UVW mapping and texturing is needed to start actual developing.

This is it for the papercrafting. All those models above need unfolding development, testbuilding and readable instructions after texturing before I'm able to publish them.


FF9 Extractor

The FF9 Extractor is able to extract files from the FF9.IMG found on the FF9(PSX) disk. It is also able to extract data from Databasefile found within the FF9.IMG. This thing is still buggy and sometimes hangs up when extracting data from databasfiles (DB0 for those who know what I mean).

FF8/FF9 Multiconverter

Well, this is what the multiconverter will look like if I don't fuck things up. This thing is currently only able to differ between FF8, FF9 and non FF8/9 files. I'm coding object-orientated so that this thing will get an update via units (like plugins) . I test the units with another "dummy-tool", to see if stuff works correctly as planed. I don't know how to implement the 3D Preview, but will think of something when the time comes.
The Multiconverter will be able to:

-read FF8(PC) and FF9(PSX) 3D models
-convert FF8 and FF9 3D models to 3DS and OBJ

All this is only possible with the help of the Qhimm Forums. They did most of the groundbreaking discoverings about Final Fantasy file formats and how the stuff work. Everything I'm going to develop has its roots from thier investigations.

Everything announced here has the release date "When it's done" :D

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Well, this is going to be my develoment blog to keep you update on my work with papercraft, funny little tools and other stuff.

First news!

Someone from made a stop and motion animation in how to build my FF7 Cloud papercraft. All credits for this video go to the one that created it.
Have fun!