Thursday, November 27, 2008

Zone of the Enders: Jehuty Part II

Guess what?
I managed to finish Jehutys texturzz!
What does that mean for you? You'll soon be able to build a never be seen before papercraft.
I ordered a new printer today and I will testbuild this little beauty when my printer arrives.
Dezember will be a good month for PAPERCRAFT! :D

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Zone of the Enders: Jehuty

Wow! A second blogupdate in that short time! UNBELIEVEABLE!
So, what is the meaning of this?!?!
Someone from the Interbutt asked me:"Hey papercraftdude, when will Jehuty be done?"
Well, I finished the 3D model today, but it still need textures, which I have to draw.

Hope he does not charge his LAZORRRR...

Macross M3 VF-14 "Vampire"

Good news for fans of Macross M3!
I finished the 3D model of the VF-14 "Vampire" and the craft is going into development soon.
It will be released together with the VF-17 and the fixed VF-9. And now some pictures to make your mouth wet. :D

As you can see the VF-14 will be available in the typical white sheme and as Max or Milia version. This thing wasn't easy to do. I had to draw my own 3-Point-View of this thing and there was not many visual information on the internet. Stay tuned :D

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Old stuff in dusty spaces

Lol, I found this one in a dusty folder on my HDD :D

This is Lo Wang from the infamous ego-shooter Shadow Warrior. As you can see, the model is QUALITY work and was created in my early days of 3D modelling. Funny shit :D

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

VF-4 High poly count

YO! I found this little baby in a dusty space on my HDD.

I did this one years ago to get a feeling of how the VF-4 looks and for testing purposes in a physics-calculation-tool (to see what parts need to be hardened when I'm going to build this thing 1/12 RC ). If I'm in a good enought mood I will use this to make an even better papercraft of the VF-4.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Macross M3 VF-9 Cutlass revised version

Ya, what did that crazy dude do there? Bad news for everyone that already has build the Macross M3 VF-9 Cutlass, good news for those who didn't. Well, I managed to get a copy of Kawamoris Macross Design Artbook. When I looked at the pictures of the VF-9 I decided to "fix" that plane because I made some mistakes. For the first version I released years ago on 4chan, I was drawing a 3 view picture of the VF-9 from other pictures I found on the web. But now I got my hands on a nice sheme from kawamori and was able to fix the VF-9. Look for yourselves.

The jetintakes got shortened and the exhaust refitted. The wings got a little smaller and have a new angle from the mainbody. The cockpit is bigger now and the vertical stabilizers were adjusted. The mainbody got thinner and thus more smoother and rounder. I repainted the texture with the same technique that was already used for the VF-17D.

This one still needs unfolding development, but I managed to keep the polycount nearly the same and was able to get rid of some "tricky" parts from the original VF-9. Stay tuned. I thought about retexturing all my old Macross papercrafts to make them look better, but I dunno if I do it or not.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Macross VF-17D Testbuild

Well, I just finished the testbuild of my VF-17D and it was easy to build (only took me 6 hours). I'll release it soon, when the instructions are done in 2 years :D

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


I'm planning on redesigning my website. The Projects tab is going to be deleted and replaced by this blog. And I will design a new structure for the different categories. But I don't have much sparetime left, so this going to take several weeks. I just wanted to warn you. :D

no pictures today :(

Saturday, November 1, 2008

VF-17D "TEAL" Version

I texturized the "WIP" VF-17D.
This time I tried a new method for painting this texture. I managed to paint this one like I would paint a plastic injection kit (with an airbrush, preshading, washing, sealing etc.) to give it a cooler look. Now it only needs development for the papercrafttemplate.

releasedate:"WHEN IT'S DONE!"