Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Macross M3 VF-14 "Vampire"

Good news for fans of Macross M3!
I finished the 3D model of the VF-14 "Vampire" and the craft is going into development soon.
It will be released together with the VF-17 and the fixed VF-9. And now some pictures to make your mouth wet. :D

As you can see the VF-14 will be available in the typical white sheme and as Max or Milia version. This thing wasn't easy to do. I had to draw my own 3-Point-View of this thing and there was not many visual information on the internet. Stay tuned :D


Anonymous said...

Hey man, there is a macross mod being developed to Homeworld 2 and i'm sure they would want to use your model on it.

Anonymous said...

this project it's more interesting.