Sunday, November 9, 2008

Macross M3 VF-9 Cutlass revised version

Ya, what did that crazy dude do there? Bad news for everyone that already has build the Macross M3 VF-9 Cutlass, good news for those who didn't. Well, I managed to get a copy of Kawamoris Macross Design Artbook. When I looked at the pictures of the VF-9 I decided to "fix" that plane because I made some mistakes. For the first version I released years ago on 4chan, I was drawing a 3 view picture of the VF-9 from other pictures I found on the web. But now I got my hands on a nice sheme from kawamori and was able to fix the VF-9. Look for yourselves.

The jetintakes got shortened and the exhaust refitted. The wings got a little smaller and have a new angle from the mainbody. The cockpit is bigger now and the vertical stabilizers were adjusted. The mainbody got thinner and thus more smoother and rounder. I repainted the texture with the same technique that was already used for the VF-17D.

This one still needs unfolding development, but I managed to keep the polycount nearly the same and was able to get rid of some "tricky" parts from the original VF-9. Stay tuned. I thought about retexturing all my old Macross papercrafts to make them look better, but I dunno if I do it or not.

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