Monday, July 6, 2009

Macross Frontier VF-25F DONE!

Downloadable from my website now!


Anonymous said...

thank you very much! are you going to make the other models? (luka, mikhail and ozma)

Urashiman said...

no problem, they're on my list. (simple texture swap)

Juiles Nevada said...

sehr sauber gearbeitet. respekt.

wofür die spritze und der bieröffner? o.O

Urashiman said...

bieröffner für bierflaschen und die spritze für koks ... ne ne ... die hab ick immer für den UHU kleber benutzt wenn die düse verstopft war und für kleine teile am paperkraft

Anonymous said...

maybe u wanna make the next model such as : vf-171 nigthmare (NUNS figther) or maybe... vf-27 lucifer (Brera Stern figther) or all mecha on macross isn't it?

are they on youre list to..?

Urashiman said...

they currently aren't on my project list, I wanted to finish my other projects first before starting new ones.

Carlos said...

Awesome!, thanks for this job. I gonna try this one (I have maked your VF19, VF21 and VF11, really rocks!)
BTW, Is it 1/60 scale?
I hope you have plans for Macross Zero fighters.
Yukikaze aircrafts are very nice. Maybe a FRX-00 or a FFR-31 in the future?

¡Te Felicito! Un saludo desde Argentina.

Urashiman said...

this is the current project list:

* Final Fantasy IX Hildagarde 3 (texturing)
* Fushigi no umi no Nadia Nautilus 1 (3D model)
* Macross VA-3 (Texturing)
* Macross VF-5000 (3D modelling)
* Macross VB-6 (3D modelling)
* Macross X-9 (3D modelling)
* Final Fantasy Versus XIII Noctis & Stella (Texturing, 3D modelling)
* Final Fantasy VII Project (Planning)
* Final Fantasy VIII Project (Planning)
* Fushigi no umi no Nadia Project (Planning)
* FF8/FF9 3D tools (63 6F 64 69 6E 67)

I remember having a todo list somewhere on my HDDs and the VF-0s was in it, but I dunno when it will be done. Someone already developed a FRX-00 papercraft. Search the web.

Carlos said...

Yes, I Got the Soyokaze FRX, but it's very small and a little crappy.

I'll be waiting for the Ghost X9 to complete the Macross Plus aircrafts ^_^

Carlos said...

Hello again!, I have almost finished this model. But I don't know where must be placed the "61" pieces (2 little triangles).

Thanks a lot.

Anonymous said...

The VF-25 is sooo cool. I'd like so see a VF-25G, but I also want to know the scale, is it 1/60? Thanks for the papercraft.

Urashiman said...

at anonymous: jup 1/60 vf25g in the works

at carlos, send me an e-mail and I show you

Effendy said...

Mr Urashiman.. I want to ask you about the 3d modeling of macross..

Did you always modeling the plane with box modeling??

I'm stuck at modeling..

Unknown said...

I saw your great work.
I want to build this VF-25F. But I feel that your pattern file is too difficult for me to build.

I use pepakura designer below.

I think that you use pepakura too. So Can you send me your great work by unlock PDO?
If you can, I want to Edit your pattern file.

Thenk you so much.

Mabikaze Paperworks