Monday, July 20, 2009

Final Fantasy VIII Timber Tempest WIP

In one of my earlier blogposts I released a list of projects. One of those list entries was named "Final Fantasy 8 project (planning)". Some of you might remember the train mission in Final Fantasy 8. I'm proud to present the first visually "good looking" work on my newest project.

The textures are currently taken from in-game screenshots and I used some PS filters to polish them up a bit. I will draw new ones when I'm done with the 3D model for the locomotive. If you think now:"hey! what's going on with the other projects on your list?", don't worry, I tend to work on many stuff simultaneously, so that if I don't feel like working on a macross thing I just work on another project and so on. Anyway, this train will still need some time and work, but I hope that it will look great when done. I planned on releasing this as a H0 scale (1:87) model.

comments are welcome :D


I managed to model most parts of the locomotive, but there are still some parts missing. Don't be shocked by the messy textures, I'll do better one when the 3D model is done (currently just using official pictures and game-screencaptures)


juiles Nevada said...

oh coool, the final antasy trains are always so awesome.nice to see, that you are making somethig from ff8. although i was hoping on the charackters, like squall, cifer, edea, rinoa or some GF´s.. (yeah yeah, ALL and everyone XD )

btw, i am making jehuty... since.. 1 or 2 months?
the half of it is finished XD
i am so lazy..

Final Fantasy said...

love it :))