Saturday, September 12, 2009


For all those wondering what I did the last weeks...

But this only applies to papercraft developing. I was busy with other stuff like friends, destroying my body with beer, running around the streets being noisy and building plastic injection kits.

This is the thing I'm currently getting my hands dirty on. A DeHAVILAND Mosquito Bomber Mk IV used by british forces in WWII.

And before that I finished this thing. I was an Italeri F-14A modelkit but I "modded" to a MACROSS ZERO F-14A.

Next thing to do is a special papercraft of jewel staite in Stargate Atlantis crew uniform. (Caution! Papercuts etc. :D )
Blargh... just joking ... I need to finish all the other shit first :P


Anonymous said...

Cheers mate!! keep a good work, waiting for you next project :p

juiles said...

destroing body with beer... this is living... ^^